• Avara Moody

Covid Collabs

The Covid lockdown period created bubbles, birdsong and collaborations. It was a strange time, where nothing felt normal, but we found creativity with close friends to bring comfort and familiarity through the process.

We decided we'd do a shoot of Geo's delicious knitwear pieces and my recent jewellery. Chris, a talented photographer and deep lover of film, directed the shoot. Usually hiding her face away from the world, RNZ producer Emma, beautifully modelled the pieces. While talented illustrator and all-round-sweetheart Archie played the crucial role of wardrobe support (and vibe bringing).

We traipsed through the Wellington Botanic Gardens, drawn to the flora and fauna that inspire our creations. Seeing our forms and colours and textures reflected in the backdrops we chose. Pairing our pieces to make harmony and joy for the eyes. In the evening, we were exhausted, but elated, overflowing with the feeling of creation alongside people we admire and trust. It felt like the lockdown gave us a gift of creativity, that otherwise, probably would not have eventuated. All of us, usually too busy with the pace of our lives taking over, no time to dream or create visions together. 

After the shoot, we find an error with the film - our second roll never shot. We don't really mind because it all felt like something that we were never meant to have anyway. Time that wasn't there before, images that wouldn't have existed - if it weren't for a rampant virus. 

Remember to support local during this post-covid time to keep creatives like myself and my bubble going! The New Zealand design industry can continue to thrive, as long as people choose to support small brands, and keep people independent and unique.

Aroha nui friends x

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