Coral Fungiidae mirror

Coral Fungiidae mirror

This Nerikomi Mirror is perfect for display ontop of your dresser or where-ever else you want to bounce some light around. 


The ceramic base is handmade by me in Pōneke, Wellington, New Zealand. It is inspired by my favourite coral, the Fungiidae. It black and white stoneware Nerikomi, unglazed. Nerikomi is the name for a Japanese technique of layerying different coloured clays to create intricate patterns. 

The mirrors are cut and hand polished by a local supplier here in Pōneke, and backed with a safety vinyl. Because of the handmade elements in this product, there will be variations in the finish due to the natural materials used and the process of kiln firing.


Mirrors are 26 cm in height and the base about 10cm tall. 

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